December Yoga Session 

*last week of yoga is December 7th 

Taking December 11th to 28th off for minor surgery

Join me via ZOOM for all your yoga classes. Email me and I will send you the ZOOM Invite.

Gentle - Mindfulness - Hatha Yoga

These classes are less about performance than about being in the moment, with each breath, experiencing each pose. Bringing awareness to any physical sensations, gently bringing awareness back to breath and "allowing" our yoga practice rather than "doing" our yoga practice.

$48 per household for 4 weeks - via ZOOM  

 *come to as many classes as you wish

Morning Classes

Tuesday - 9:30am to 10:45am

Wednesday - 9:30am to 10:45am

Thursday - 9:30am to 10:45am 

Afternoon Class 

Monday - 1pm to 2:15pm

Evening Class

Wednesday - 6pm to 7:15pm - Gentle Yoga Flow


email me at [email protected]