"Channeling Spirit"

Connecting with our Spirit Guides

Up coming Gatherings...

We have shifted into a time pure Love. Everything we thought was our truth is dismantling, if it is not for the greater good of planet Earth. 

It feels like we are alone, but we are not.

 Join me as we Journey into the awareness of your Divine nature. Move towards a greater understanding of who you are.

I've been channeling my guides for many years and it has enriched my life and the work I do in immeasurable ways.

Relax and Rest back, as we journey into the awareness of spirit.

Much Love,

Kimberley ​

 via ZOOM

*NEW  - our Tuesday nights begin at 7:30pm for a conversation about this shift.

Channeling Spirit begins at 8pm

Tuesday evening - 7:30pm to 9pm - once per Month

Fee - $15 through etransfer please.

2023 Dates:

- January 10th

- February 7th

- March 7th

- April 4th

Channeling Spirit and Sound Bath Retreats in my Home:

Relax back and rest deeply as you receive the healing energies.

- please bring a yoga mat/pillow/blanket/journal

- light refreshments and tea/water will be provided

*SMALL GROUPS or 4 to 6

Friday January 27th - 7pm to 9pm - $30

Thursday February 16th - 1pm to 3pm - $30

Friday February 23rd - 7pm to 9pm - $30

Thursday March 16th - 1pm to 3pm - $30

Friday March 24th - 7pm to 9pm - $30

Friday April 21st - 7pm to 9pm - $30

Thursday May 11th - 1pm to 3pm - $30

Friday June 16th  - 7pm to 9pm - $30

Thursday July 6th - 1pm to 3pm - $30

Friday July 14th - 7pm to 9pm - $30

Thursday August 3rd - 1pm to 3pm - $30

Friday August 11th - 7pm to 9pm - $30

email me to register - [email protected]